What is a submissive

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What is a submissive

Want to know more about the submissive? and how a submissive works then please check out this article put together by a few of our own female submissive members. We hope it comes useful to you as it has to others. To be a submissive is different for everyone and can mean different things for different people it. Some subissives could be into role play fantasies others get sexual satisfaction from it and others who are into the BDSM lifestyle well it goes deeper than that. We have done our best to break it down for you so here goes:

Role play submissive – A role play sub is either a man or female who wants to play the submissive role in person or online and for say a few minutes maybe a few hours they will play the part of a submissive and obey to either a master or mistress which entitles them to fulfil any role play fantasies that they have. Depending on how skilled the submissives are they will kneel to their dom at his/ her feet and do as they say with out negotiating their limits. Now once they are done with their role play they will leave their master and may never return unless they were into being bossed around and get turned on by the thrill of it.

Sexual submissives – A sexual submissive is some one who watches kink, fetish or BDSM porn and want to be restrained, gagged, flogged, spanked, humiliated or what ever their kink or fetish might be. Once they have got what they wanted they will be left feeling happy and content until the next time.

A true sumissive – A real true submissive serves from the heart and you know when you have found a real one because she/ he doesn’t need to be told what to do by their dominants they do it willingly with no questions asked for example their owner has had a busy day the sub can see that and straight away see to his/ her needs and make them feel happy again.

There’s nothing wrong being a submissive and if this is your first time exploring then please do your research and go in with your eyes wide open. Sub/ dom relationships work some don’t so always be prepared. Always know your limits and if your not feeling it at any time then say you safe word and it will all stop in an instant.

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