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Submissive maid

I’ve always been submissive and love serving my owners so its no surprise that I have become my masters full time maid. All this came about 5 years ago I loved it when my ex boyfriend took control in the bedroom and after exploring the web and coming across fetish sites I knew that there was a submissive drying to get out so I did my research watched a few sub role play movies and found myself my own master. I kicked my boyfriend to the curb so I could be masters one and only. Its not always about sexual pleasure I get off knowing that he appreciates everything I do for him and forget about limits/ hard limits contracts etc we understand each other perfectly and I know he wouldn’t hurt me we have lived a sub/ dom relationship for 5 years now and understand each other pretty well. Anyway one day I ordered myself this naughty French maid uniform and when it arrived I slipped it on and began my chores I chose to wear the tiniest thong underneath and when master walked by he was thrilled with the sight that was in front of him, He took me into his office, shut the door, bent me over and fucked me and when we were finished? I went back to my chores.

I’ve never had the urge to find other masters or get my kicks any where else and you are probably thinking well what the hell are you doing on a fetish contacts site? Well I’m here because master lets me, Looking for new friends and to also share my experiences etc with new curious submissives, We all need some one to guide us now and again and I certainly hope I can help new na├»ve submissives. I even have my own article section which talks about submissives, my naughty stories and so on so please be sure to check them out once you have registered to

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